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Alex Hiatt
Axe The Tail Games
Urbana, IL

Available for free for:
Android –
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Release Date:
July 2016 (PC)
January 2017 (Android)
TBD (iOS, Mac, Linux)


You are a dubious harbinger with the inexplicable power to digitize souls at a distance. Dig your way to the hearts of three advanced civilizations to discover why the seeds of an ancient religious schism are bearing macabre fruits in the present.

Dark Stars is a challenging and unique “anti-shmup.” Mastering its myriad challenges requires careful maneuvering, proactive resource collection, and clever use of The Maw, an infernal presence that may or may not have your best interests at heart.


  • A vertical shoot-em-up without shooting! Incapacitate enemy ships by moving in close and abducting their crews in challenging proximity-based combat.

  • Campaign of 12 meaty levels featuring a dark sci-fi story with religious and transhumanist themes. Unlockable modes provide challenging twists to the combat.
  • The souls you steal are your energy and your health. Offer them up to summon The Maw, a multifaceted trap with offensive and defensive properties. Manage this resource wisely to survive.

  • Tactical play! Survival is not dependent on twitch reflexes, but on your ability to observe and plan.

  • A searing synth soundtrack by Erik Helwig of Girls Who Care and Hot Dad.

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Alex Hiatt – Developer
Erik Helwig – Music


Alex Hiatt
Axe The Tail Games